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M.T. Losey

Personal Profile

Matthew Losey has served on the production team in the local church for the past 17 years. He specializes in audio engineering for both live, and broadcast environments. Formerly the Director of Production at Emmanuel Church in Indianapolis, he wrote “The AVL Production Perspective” to help others who serve in production environments  be the best that God has intended them to be. In his free time, he enjoys traveling to visit his family in New York, and fixing things that were never actually broken. Matthew and his wife, Diana, live in Indianapolis. They have two kids, an RV and a very old house.

After serving on church production teams for so long, Matthew Losey noticed feeling isolated. He was very good at what he did and because he was good at it, people became too intimidated to ask for help. Pastors tended to leave him alone while he worked which made for efficient work environments. It also meant that spiritual growth was on the honor system. No news was good news.

In Matthew's case, this worked out because he was part of a Christian small group and a close network of Christians friends that held him accountable. For many other production people He had worked/volunteered with, this was not the case—they did not have the network of Christian accountability that kept them grounded on Christ. They were introverted, comfortable being alone, and this had a variety of consequences. Namely, including Matthew, they became distracted by performing excellent production instead of using production in church as it was intended—to point back to Jesus.


He wrote the book "The AVL Production Perspective" to shine a spotlight light on an intentionally poorly lit area (pun intended). If production staff and volunteers could unite around the purpose of The Great Commission, how much more could God accomplish though His churches?

The Losey family with a bearded man, beautiful woman and two small boys.


2016 - 2021

Emmanuel Church:

Greenwood, IN

Director of Production

  • Managed and coordinated production and technology at broadcast and multisite churches.

2014 - 2016

The BP Group: Glendale, NY

Business Operations Manager

  • Managing IT, Marketing, and Inventory/Warehouse Operations and respective budgets.

  • Involved in 

2010 - 2013

Sage College of Albany:

Albany, NY

Bachelor of Business Administration [B.B.A.]

  • Focus in copyright contract review and negotiation

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