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"The AVL Production Perspective"
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Author M.T. Losey provides a thought-provoking perspective on how the truth of the gospel and your relationship with Christ impacts how you lead and serve on the production team. He encourages you to not let fear, doubt, or your lack of experience get in the way of what God has called you to do. Instead, leverage the gifts God gave you to make an impact in your church.


  • How do you prioritize the competing demands of technology, audio, video, and lighting?

  • Are your expectations of success hindering God’s ability to work through you?

  • Do you want to be a more effective leader but you are looking at things from the wrong perspective?


Whether you are a leader, on staff, or a church volunteer, you are directly related to the success of reaching those your services are designed for. In this book, you will work through your relationship with Jesus and how you communicate the gospel to your audiences through serving on your church's audio, video, and lighting teams.

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